Hey Yogi!


We believe in building community by making yoga more accessible - more present, more fun.

In 2016, we decided to take the chance to dive into the unknown and create Camp Yogi retreats. It was a risk, but it was definitely one we were willing to take in order to help others feel alive and happy, and it ended up paying off in so many ways.

We love serving yogis and providing them with tools to bring more presence into their lives. We believe in encouraging others to be authentic in who they are and to have a 'go with the flow' attitude. 

We have a passion for community and have created our core values of practice, presence, and play to create a tribe of like-minded individuals who aren't afraid of boldly being themselves. Seeing people feel good in their bodies, courageous in who they are, and ready for adventure is what fires us up in the morning.


Are You Ready?

It's time to find the stress-relief you crave and the yoga practice you want.

Are you ready to grow your yoga practice, find inner peace, and feel comfortable in your BODY...all while discovering your core values and attracting the life you want?

Can you imagine...

Daily yoga that challenges you to push beyond your comfort zones?
Building relationships through group workshops, activities, and meditations?
Finding your inner strength and resonating with like-minded individuals to encourage you?