It's Kapha Season, Here's How To Get Unstuck!

Have you been feeling extra lethargic lately? Are you developing a co-dependent relationship with your cozy, blanket covered bed? Would your friends describe you as a borderline hoarder, or maybe a stage 5 smotherer?

If so, then you my friend, may have a case of Kapha (kah-fuh) imbalance.

In this post, I will provide you with some details about what a Kapha imbalance looks like, as well as a free yoga sequence to help you balance calmness with effort and motivation.


1 | What does a kapha imbalance mean?

According to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, we experience 3 different seasons ruled by different elements. Late Winter to early Summer, or Kapha Season, is ruled by Earth + Water (think April showers bring May flowers).

o put it into perspective, when Earth & Water combine, we get mud, which is a very accurate metaphor for how we quite literally may end up feeling “stuck” in Kapha Season.

It is not uncommon to experience nasal congestion, weight gain, clogged pores, depression, oily skin and hair, and feeling stuck in past memories/nostalgia. For those of you who already are high Kapha dosha, you may experience these feelings much stronger than a Vata or Pitta dosha person. (To find out what dosha you are, a good place to start is here:

2 | What do we do about a Kapha Imbalance?

This time of year, it is more important than ever to pick ourselves out of the mud. You can start by avoiding heavy foods such as root vegetables, excessive dairy, salts, grains, and avocado (I’m sorry!) Instead, try incorporating foods such as leafy greens, hot spices, garlic and coffee (coffee lovers, rejoice!) to your meals.


Additionally, don’t be afraid to stray away from routine. Step outside of what makes you feel safe and comfortable. Ditch the sweet and calming indie playlist for some Zeppelin, or whatever else makes you want to dance all night.

Wake up before 6am, but go to bed before 10pm, as high Kapha time is from 6am-10am and 6pm-10pm. Notice when you may be acting hyper sensitive to situations. Trade in your patchouli oil for some peppermint or citrus.

Limit the amount of restorative and yin classes you take, and maybe throw in an extra weekly warm Power Vinyasa, or Ashtanga!

Just for you, I’ve created the ultimate Kapha-Busting practice! Put on your favorite high-energy playlist and un-stick yourself!

->> Click here to download the FREE sequence!

Namaste, lovers!


For more Kapha Busting Classes, check out 8 free days of online yoga at

You can search ‘Kapha” in the search bar on Brett’s channel, or play around with classes from the other amazing teachers like Felicia, Patsy, JJ, Jaimee, Noah, and Madilyn! Happy practicing!